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Workers' Comp Specialists

George NorrisTHE NORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. is one of the few agencies who concentrate on providing workers' comp insurance for businesses in the state of Florida. We have many satisfied clients extending from Miami to Pensacola and all points in between.

Because we focus primarily on workers' comp insurance, we are often able to recognize opportunities to save you money which have previously gone unnoticed by other agents. We are also able to place difficult lines of business where other agents are often unsuccessful.

As you know, the area of workers' comp is expensive, complex, and ever changing. Wouldn't it make sense to deal with professionals who know the intricacies of this difficult market, as well as your individual circumstances to help you save money? Our professional staff has over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of finance and insurance. Let our expertise work for you!

  An Independent Insurance Agency:  

THE NORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. does not work for any insurance company - We work for you! Our goal is to place coverage with the insurance company offering the best program based on your individual circumstances. We represent many top-quality insurance companies from which we seek to obtain the best program for your business. Many of you may think that because workers' comp rates are set by the state that everything is the same. Far from it, in fact, we like to say "The rates may all be the same but the premiums don't have to be." Often times it just depends on how experienced your agent is and how hard they are willing to work for you.

If you are serious about saving money and wanting good friendly service in the realm of workers’ comp we are the agency for you. One of the main things you will get from us is friendly service – We are always glad when you call!
  The Services You Can Expect:  


THE NORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. provides very competitive programs administered by experienced professionals in the workers' comp field. Your policy will be individually reviewed to help you receive the credits and discounts that may be available as well as to help you with any prior policy problems. Options and services available may include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:
  • Friendly Service – We are always glad when you call!

  • New and hard to place businesses.

  • No down-payment plans available for qualified businesses. Imagine buying Workers’ Comp without any deposit!

  • Safety Programs (saves you 2%) and Drug-Free Programs (saves you 5%) set up for you turn-key.

  • Return of Premium Programs - Up to 40% return depending on claims and premiums. WOW! (Minimum premiums of $25,000 to participate)

  • Dividend programs available starting at premiums as low as $5,000

  • Claims Review – Review and follow-up on open claims to get these closed as soon as possible. Remember that dollars “held in reserve” against open claims count against your mod-factor just as if these dollars had already been paid out. A lack of follow-up may allow claims to be left open for years at a time – causing your mod-factor to go up thus costing you unnecessary expense.

  • Complete audit review and assistance with audit problems. Upon your request we are available to review audit worksheets, check for correct classifications, exemptions, overtime, and other common problem areas which could save you money. We’ll also be glad to interface with the insurance company to correct any discrepancies.

  • Review of classification codes to assist in making sure that your employees are properly classified. Errors are very common. Did you know that there are four different carpentry codes?

  • We strive to send out Certificates of Insurance within 30 minutes!

  • Are you saving up to 35% on little known credits which are available in addition to Safety and Drug-Free credits? We can help where others have not!

  • We will review your past policies for mistakes - We are very successful in recovering large sums of money from previous policies. We can assist you in this area without you even having to change agents! Let us prove ourselves to you.
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